December 27, 2008
By Samrach Phon, Clinton, CT

My music plays on and on,
Over and over.

Inside this broken cycle,
I reach out towards the
small button that would
make it all stop.

I was too far away though.
Not close enough to press it.

I couldn't help, but to let that melody
play on and on.
Its low sounds echoed in my mind.
Each one letting another memory return.

I turned my eyes toward the ceiling and
let my tears dry out as each one slid down my face.

Inside this cold mind of mine,
I couldn't help but to wish for that small stop button.
My memories returned and returned;
each one bringing another tear for my sad, heavy eyes...

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to let out all the stress I had built up in my life from relationships to my everyday problems and I hope that this poem can show the rest of the world that it's "never" wrong to let go and let it all fall out of your mind; whatever thought, emotion, problem, or dis-ease you have. Just let it out so that you can live on without the useless agony.

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