December 27, 2008
I sit up, look over
You're just lying there
With that faraway grin
And your tousled blonde hair
Your eyes snap to focus
And what do you see?
I'm staring at you
Staring right back at me

We’ve been through the ages
We’ve fought through the tears
Fought through the anguish
Pushed past the fears

The rain falls, and I stare
But no one appears
No figure from darkness
To assuage my fears
But just then, the bells ring
The door swing to place
You stand there, just staring
As I take in your face

I’m going through ages
I’m fighting through tears
Fighting through anguish
Pushing past fears

You’re wary, suspicious
Exhausted from time
Time spent just roaming
And losing your mind
Approach without caution
For what’s there to fear?
You’ve always been there
Now you’re finally here!

We’ll go through the ages
We’ll fight through the tears
Fight through the anguish
Push past the fears

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