December 27, 2008
By Catherine Closter, Plympton, MA

There’s a forest inside me
There’s a thick, wet jungle of wild, untamed
Creatures peering out from the undergrowth

There’s a rainstorm inside me
Exotic leaves bend to the ground
Under the weight of the tears
Beasts crawl into their homes inside me
Wild beasts in all my nooks and crannies,
Hiding from the rainstorm,
Nesting in my kidneys

There are monkeys swinging on my veins, my arteries
So close to human
Sad eyes, brown and frowning
There’s a rage,
The terror of a lion escaped from its cage,
Roaming the African plains inside me
A stinging roar; winged creatures fly,
Neon parrots mimic the echoing cry

There are trees growing inside me
All green and tired and leaning on each other,
Tall, stooped figures supporting one another
Holding hands with branches,
Scratching the bark on each other’s backs

There are weeds growing,
Hopes dying, demons crying
There’s a forest inside me

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