My Definition of Death

December 27, 2008
Heaven and the eternal paradise,
seems distant and far away,
under the darkest ocean
and yet over the farest stars...

For millions of years,
still the question remains.

What happens when people, animals
and other living beings become
over deaths hands;

do they truely pass away?

Yes, this is sad,
but still
for every beginning,
there's always a end,

of every sunrise, that rises
there's always a sunset
and then darkness remains...

And yet, we REMEMBER,

as the physical body and world
always ends,

the memory
and the bond of
true emotions and feelings
that the hearts feels,
and beats for
every single day

Still defies death
LOVE is in my opinion
is the key for heaven,
the afterlife is made in the hearts
of the memories that everyone
is remembered by...

people who remember
the way you were still carry on the torch...

The way people
remember you will be the weighs
and the jury
of the way everyone lives outside
of this life...

But, still i dont want to know the true
answer of death,
until i am finished of life,
and life is finished with me,
until i give up
over the power of gravitity
and let


golden watch of


statter against

mother's earth's


and spin me around

to live in the minds

of the people who cared for me...

And then,
i will be awaken,
as a infant
first sees
the world that i once lived in...

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