Broken hearted

December 27, 2008
Is what a man makes
Feelings of Sadness
Which used to be Gladness
A man with no heart
has forced us to part

All he did was pain me
And wasn't able to see

My fragileness
And Unableness
To ever love anymore,
Cause I'm just so soar
that I've built up a wall
Which cannot fall

Unbreakable forces
Stronger then a tonne of horses
That noone can penetrate,
Love which has turned to hate

Secure was my Perimiter
Which had made me bitter
What had i become?
Was I really that dumb?

You did this to me!!
but I will not let myself flee

Because I am better then this
And you, i will not miss
For the pain was so much
I could not Bare such

How could I believe,
That you would never decieve
But the sky has become clearer
And my friends are now dearee

Sistah's before Misters
or hearts with blisters

You did me wrong
for oh so long
and then you up and left
commiting a crime of theft
[he had stolen my heart =)]

Bye bye for now
And bye bye forever
I will never love you again
For too much was the pain

I am stronger for it
and you're not the culprit
Cause i met someone new

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