December 27, 2008
By Natassha Cruz, Toronto, ZZ

There can be a kiss on your neck but you're never really happy
We danced like everything was full of colour
like it was the 60's and there was a revolution of love.
You wanted to hold my hand all night. You wanted flowers in my hair and long afternoons in the sun and daydreams.
Your face close to mine
eyelashes brushing
you gave me the moon at midnight. reached out to the sky and let your hand steal the stars and let them fall across our bodies
Tonight, we are the galaxy, you said I can see Saturn in your eyes, a whisper that fluttered against the wind
Then there were fireworks
and explosions
and car crashes caught between us
a million accidents and tragedies tried to keep us apart, but I still clung to you, that one night.
In the morning you traced a love note on my stomach as we lay on your floor
the light shimmering on your skin. Every part of you became the notes to a song
and we stayed there
consumed by the music.

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