Adventure in America

December 26, 2008
By Jamie Ballard, Sonoma, CA

My father is from Russia
But he sailed across the sea
To a land of hope and freedom
To create a new life for me

With fear and excitement waiting
We board the ship today
My mother grasps my hand
And for safe passage she does pray

We are going to America
Land of peace and dreams
When our ship enters the harbor
Liberty greets us with welcoming gleams

Thousands at Ellis Island
I was surprised to see
Lots of colors of people
All different...just like me

People have come to America
From many different places
As I look around I see families
Of many different races

I didn't feel weird or strange
In the melting pot as this country's known
Everyone came here from somewhere
Each one with a culture of their own

People were kind to others
Different languages they spoke
But we got along and struggled
Some giving up...going broke

My family never gave up
We decided to appreciate
Everything we received in life
I'm glad we came through Liberty's Gate

Each new friend taught us something
From the land in which they came
Everyone shared songs and food
Never two stories quite the same

I can't imagine life without
All these cultures blended for me
I've learned so much from every part of the world
Places I'll never know or see

I am thankful for my father
Brave and strong and true
I am thankful for America
Where hopes and dreams come true

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