i am the new generation

December 26, 2008
i may not dress to impress not stressing bout the way i look or what i say before i say it but why would i care? if you hatin and discriminatin youve already judged me and dont say its cause IM different cause nobody is like you.

look at me. i am the new gereration.

im not gay-ish so what if im bi datin a girl and a guy why? why not? he thinks hes the luckiest guy in the world so does that make me a whore damned to hell? cause if you sat that you need to get off that preachers box on the corner condemning me sayin you hate me because before you knew i was your shoulder to cry on sigh on so dont tell me that god hate me or i hate god cause i know he doesnt.

look at me. i am the new generation.

tolerance is the religion i teach i preach never backing down weve been killin each other for hundreds of years thousands of years measured in blood sweat tears and fears over religion sayin that the other is wrong but guess what were all wrong none of us have got it right were livin this life lookin for sin and taking it in never looking at the consequences of our actions did it ever occure to you? that we got a little bit right but most of it wrong basing out religion on a book and a song now i aint pickin on any religion but hey from the crusades of yesteryear to the wars of today weve been killin for religion why not take tolerance as our religion?

listen to what i have to say.
making assumptions makes fools
prejudices makes asses
religion makes idiots and hypocrates
and to think

i am the new generation
i am today and tomorrow
i am the fut- no
we are the new generation
we are today and tomorrow
we are the future.

lets make it worth our time.

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