With Another

December 30, 2008
This morning I woke up before dawn,
With one person on my mind: you.
My heart filled with love,
And I longed for when I'd see you.
I knew I had hours before school,
So I sat down and started to write.
It was the most beautiful poem I'd ever written,
My love for you was gracefully expressed.
I finally headed off to school,
I couldn't wait to give you the feelings I had wrapped up in my poem.
My heart raced as I stepped into the hallway,
My eyes searched frantically for you.
Then I spotted you,
But you were not alone.
You were walking with a girl,
Laughing as she flipped her hair over her shoulder.
You had a twinkle in your eye,
and the smile that attrached me to you danced across your face.
You passed me right by,
Never even looking at me.
Hot tears streamed down my face,
My hands slowly crunched my poem into a tight ball,
I loved you whole-heartedly,
You simply rejected me.
Your actions killed me inside,
You'll never see the scars you left.
I just want you to know,
I love you, I always will.
But we can't be together when
You are with another.

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