Where Did You Go?

December 30, 2008
By Anonymous

I met you just the other day,
That's when you stole my heart away.
A smile slowly crept across your face,
My heart started beating at a very fast pace.
Our eyes met and I knew you were the one,
At that momnet in time a great relationship had begun.
We laughed a while then went our ways,
And now I'm saddened for I haven't seen you in days.
I saw you once but not for long,
And now I sing you my sad song.
I miss you, please can't you come back,
Because when you're around, my life feels right on track,
I want to gaze once more into your eyes,
For everyday I go without seeing you, a part of my dies.
I just want to tell you how I feel,
This love we share, it seems so real.
I want to hear you call my name,
You've changed my life, now I'll never be the same.
I know my love for you never shows,
But everyday it grows and grows.
I wish you were here next to me,
Then you would suddenly see,
I love you,
I really do care,
Come back to me,
Tell me you love me, if you dare.

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