Flower In Bloom

January 2, 2009
By Cayla Rosenblum, Massapequa, NY

Growing up like the child we once were
Opening up like the moon on a summer’s eve
Kissing the world with its soft colored leaves
Bright white like the new coat of snow caressing the ground
The stem holds up the petite flower with undivided strength
The gentle leaves curl away from the flower, holding its shape
The elements beckon the flower to open up like a birds song
The ocean’s breeze nips at the flower’s petals letting them sway
A baby blue hummingbird lands on the outskirts of the petal
Sucking the nectar as fast as a puppy runs through a field
The bird bends the flower ever so slightly
As the summer closes the flower says its goodbyes
Slowly its petals leave the steam drifting to the cold hard ground
Its beauty leaving us for the winter months
Not to be avenged though
The flower shall overcome the hardness of the cold months ahead

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