Why Can't I?

January 2, 2009
By booklover28704 SILVER, Arden, North Carolina
booklover28704 SILVER, Arden, North Carolina
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Everythings changed and re-aranged,
fliped up and down,
shaked and spun.

Nothings the same,
everythings diffrent.

I feel lost and confused like a lost puppy,that stumbled away from home.

But yet i know how i got here, and from where i left.

Why can't i grasp that this is my life now?

I'm safe, sound and with my family, who loves me.

Why can't i be happy and joyful like they want me to be?

Why can't i stop thinking about my friends, that i miss, and the things i'm never going to see again?

Everything that i know and am used to has been swipped out from under my feet.

But yet i CAN'T forget, i don't want to, but if i don't i'll never be able to except my life is here now.

But if i do i'll get so wrapped up with my life here, i won't remember the things i want, need to remember, the memories.

They want me to move on, "be happy,you'll like it here if you give it a chance.".


"Forbidden to remember, terrified tp forget." - New Moon

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