destined to be

January 2, 2009
By Madison Cardamone, Yucca Valley, CA

His hand touched her cheek
The mellow moon-light made her skin glow.
Her dress flowed in the wind.
The shadows of the lovers formed as one
The waters reflection shot sparkling images onto their faces.
Her tears fell into his open hand, as he gracefully caught each one
The mermaid's cries in the distance matched her tears.
Her tiara fell with the force of her hand
As the common boy fell to his knees
To replace the crown to its rightful place
He places the garland with shame and sorrow, back to her royal dome
His ragged street clothes, dirty from labor, swayed in the dark.
His brown eyes met her crying blues
He kisses her delicate lips with passion
And softly says
"I love you, your highness"

He bows with respect,
And leaves his love to let her be
The princess she was destined to be.

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