Seasonal Dreaming

January 2, 2009
By Alex C., Petoskey, MI

Crickets creek and grass russels
We lay together in the feild
Our breathing a simple harmony
To go along with our aligned heart beats
Summer nights of pure innocence
Sprinkled with less innocent kisses
The days are long and bright
You help to make them so

The leaves turn from green to red to brown
And flutter off the trees
Though the season has changed
Residue from the summer months reside
With in our thoughts and hearts
You may be thinking they're apart
But as close as ever are we

We walk downtown
Oblivious to the way our hands are frozen
We keep our bare skin revealed to the elements
Just for the chance to hold hands
The snow is falling just right
Without hurry or delay
You pause and look into my eyes
And stutter before you step
Instead of talking you sigh
And we lean into each other
Letting our mouths speak to each other
Without words

I walk outside and glance at the ground
Noticing a blooming bud
I smile to my self and think
"Love is more obtainable again"
As i walk down the much worn path
I see you waiting in a sun filled clearing
Before i can contain my self
I've run into your arms

Together we will always be
Similar yet different
You tend to make me laugh and smile
And everything I want
Is right there waiting for me
All I have to do
Is find my way into your arms

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