The American Dream

January 2, 2009

The fathers never envisioned this future
Never saw this fate
Of aimless searching zombies
Of long abandoned dreams

They spoke of justice
And pursuit of happiness
And thus created power
Enough to govern our lawless ways
A purpose for our existence

But they could not see
No, they could not see
How happiness would remain but a pursuit
But a long abandoned dream
Just a long abandoned dream

An excuse to “greet the day”
A reason to pray for
A thought to fight over
An idea to pass the time

Do you see me?
No you see past me
Will you stand by me?
Not unless I can tear you down
Will you give me the answers?
No you will ask the questions
Will you grant me peace and salvation?
Will you quell my restlessness?
Will you end my misery?
Can you hear me?

This is the American dream
We live by it everyday
It was enough to give us purpose
And to govern our lawless ways

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