January 2, 2009
By , fayetteville, GA
Consume us all
In the end
It cause your fall
But u can fend
For yourself
You said
But I knew you can’t
You lied to me
Told me so much
But believed so little
Don’t blame me
You did this to yourself
You did it when you lied to me
Told me you loved me
Then I saw you with her
Lots of empty promises
Barely any truth
So it’s over
I ripped the photos
Threw your stuff away
I’m gunna live for today
So go away
You’re a liar
You’re a fake
So wake up
And get the new reality
We are over
The end
No I have to go
I haven’t found someone else
I love you
But I can’t stay
You have betrayed me in the worst way
I poured my heart out to you
Told you everything
My hopes
You told me nothing
Some one ended deal
I don’t know how to feel
Never been lied to this much
Wow this sucks
You just went on with it for way too long
Thought I finally found the truth
Thought it was inside of you
But of course
I was wrong
Should have realized all your lines were from some silly love song
But now I know not to trust
And to still believe in a little thing you call
So take your lies
You’re a big fake
and walk away
it’s the end of all this

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