January 1, 2009
By Kendra Abrams, Miamisburg, OH

When is my life gonna get better?
It’s been a living hell
Everything is not going well
I do everything in my life so wrong
Nothing is right
I’m afraid that I won’t be here for long
I fall and can’t get back up
I get yelled at all the time
I feel like a mime
It’s like I can’t talk because everything is my fault
I ran away from my problems
I found myself nowhere
Nowhere to go, nowhere to turn and nowhere to live
I live in the streets in a cardboard box
I’m barefoot and have no socks
As I lay there
I always ask myself…
When is my life gonna change?
When everything I do is is right and not wrong?
When is it gonna be time for me to go home?
When is my family gonna call me on my phone?
I will never know because now
I’m alone never to be found and never to go home

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