Your Heart Shall Lead The Way

January 1, 2009
By Jaya Tengler, London, KY

First you find the one person who tastes the worst on your lips.
You find a plan to take them down.
You get the plot stuck under your fingertips.
Then your heart and blood rise in time.

Slowly you release your goals; nothing get’s in your way.
They start to see.
You befriend the person.
The plan came together so easily.

They try to run, but the time is too late.
Screaming, clawing to get away.
You chase; never letting them out of your sight.
The neighbors hide behind closed doors in intimidating fright.

They shouldn’t worry, though.
It’s not them you seek.
You want the one;
The one who left you so weak.

You start to follow in their steps;
One two, one two.
Now they’re on the ground.
Oh! Whatever will they do!

Watching feet with skills;
You come up to them screaming as they be.
Tears rolling down their cheeks;
Begging you for mercy; oh why oh why oh me?

You pull the trigger, now , answering their last words,
“What you love the most, you must let go” You say.
You leave them for the birds;
Bother not to look back.

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