On the Floor

January 1, 2009
By Ashombue Briggs SILVER, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Ashombue Briggs SILVER, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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I think about you at night

I dont believe its right

I try to get away from the fact

I realize I have to keep my pact

To stay away from you

To make sure that I dont pass your classes

So I try to not give into the masses

I see you after school and you ask to speak to me

So Im so dumb I cant even see

So while we're walking I cant help but notice your beautiful smile

It seems as if you are flirting with me

But Im too blind to see

I ask what did you need to talk to me about

And you reply that its not very important and to just get it out,my head

I say I really wanna know

And you say I dont

Then you say that its about us

And I reply cowardly"what about us?"

And you confess that you want a friendship and no more

So I say me too

I feel my heart under her shoe

So I say I gotta go to the bathroom

Inside I look down at my feet and I feel an urge to never again eat

I tell you that we should go downstairs

And as we are walking I realize that I have nothing to stay here for

So I from the top of the stairs jump and land on the floor

I lay on the floor I bleed

I tell you how I feel then suprisingly you cry

You confess you love me too

You say you are going to go get help and I say "no!"

Because I want to spend my last few moments with you

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