Uncle Tim

January 1, 2009
By Shelby Colby, Rochester, NH

Remember when we used to play Hide-and-Seek in the yard?
I could never find you; your hiding places were too hard.
You’d get yourself in places I would never think to look
But when I hid from you, a couple minutes was all it took.
Remember when you used to let me stay up late at night?
We’d watch movies after everyone else had turned out their lights.
Then in the morning I’d get up early in you’d still be in bed,
So I would run up to your room yelling, “Wake up, sleepyhead!”
Remember when we teamed up on Papa in a poker game?
I was six years old, and when we lost, you took the blame.
You tried unsuccessfully to teach me how to shuffle and deal.
I felt grown up in your sunglasses and my plastic high heels.
Remember when you took me shopping at the mall?
You told the pretty girl behind the counter to give you a call.
You drove me home in your little car and played your music loud,
And every time I wore the clothes I bought that day, I felt proud.
Remember when I used to text message you all the time?
I told you everything; you were my partner-in-crime.
I texted you the night my boyfriend and I broke up.
You texted me back and told me you’d be glad to beat him up.
Remember when you were the best friend that I had?
If it stays that way forever, I’ll be forever glad.

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