You Don't Have To Be

January 1, 2009
By Anonymous

maybe the day i
the day that i fall for you
already happened
the day that i fall for you

but the day i did
that day is not today
it was months ago
it was a long time away

so someone please tell me
when will be the day that he
he will fall for me
will he ever fall for me

you don’t have to be
anything extraordinary
even though you are
you don’t have to be

i know i’m not amazing or special
and i know i’m not pretty
but if i think back
well then, neither was she

i’m not your princess
and i’m not your juliet
or your cinderella
not love at first sight when we met

this is not a perfect love story
this is nothing but real
i’m just me
and this is just how i feel

but tell me something
do we really have to be?
we’ll write our own fairy tale
please, please just tell me

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