January 1, 2009
By Cynthia Colon, Harrisburg, NC

When I see you
My eyes cant look away
I want to reach out and feel you
But im to far away
My arms cant reach
My eyes start to water
The heart that I had then begins to shatter
You know that I am reaching
So you try to grab ahold
I start to feel your hand
Your touch so electrifying but yet your skin so cold
When your hands lock with mine
My poor shattered heart,
It begins to link to one like it had from the start
As it beats very fast
you start to hold me close
I try to breath
I feel your arms around me
I dont want you to ever leave
I look up and there you are
Our eyes meet this time not from afar
I start to notice how beautiful you are
From your lips so soft to your perfect smile
I notice your eyes,how there a golden brown
Looking at you makes me frown
Somemay know why but I just dont
You say you have to go now
I scream pleaze dont leave
You turn and never come back
but somehow no matter what
You end up back with me

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