January 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Sometimes I like to think we’re on a fantasyland together.
Sometimes I feel like we can survive off of each other.
Sometimes I would just like to touch you gently.
Sometimes I see you, all calm, smooth and serene.
Sometimes I think you’re the most beautiful thing ever.
Sometimes I wonder what all this actually serves.
Sometimes I think of what we’ve been through,
Sometimes I think you are the only universal truth
Sometimes I stare upon your glass like colored eyes.
Sometimes I think your heart is where I only lie.
Sometimes I look at what our love means in this time
Sometimes I see your face and I know I’m on a great ride.
Sometimes I think of what is, and it’s marvelous.
Sometimes I am so glad I got this whole loving started.

And sometimes I think you’re all I wanted.
Because sometimes you make me the best I can be.
Because sometimes I feel like an absolute nothing.

Sometimes I think you make me free.
Sometimes I think I’m just glad you picked me.
Sometimes I wonder if we’ll live like this for eternity.

Sometimes I think the world is a bunch of sludge,
Sometimes I wonder if others live like us.
Sometimes I wonder how close we came to not making it,
Sometimes I wonder how great it is that we did.

Sometimes I think of all the violence and tragedy,
Sometimes but really never is it perfect like you and me.

The author's comments:
I just hope it gets a person thinking there thoughts on a loved one.

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