On The Town

January 1, 2009
I'm here in my room
You're out on the town
I look out my window
And don't hear a sound

But you hear it all
Music, Laughter, and Talking
But something is wrong
And you start walking

Your friends call out to you
They ask where you are going
But you ignore them
So they'll have no way of knowing

You take up a familiar route
One you've taken a hundred times before
The comfort of it makes you smile
And warms your heart to the core

You whistle as you walk
A sound I love to hear
Because in the halls
I always know if you're near

As you approach your destination
You have a hint of a doubt
What if she's mad
"I have you!" she'd shout

You considered this for a moment
But love quickly replaced your doubt
And you bravely knocked on her door
Before you could chicken out

I heard the knock
And thought I was merely dreaming
But I went to the door
Still somewhat disbelieving

And when I saw you standing there
I was reluctant to look in your eyes
But when I did
They took me by surprise

"I'm stupid and sorry"
Your eyes said everything
And you love me
More than anything

I hope that my eyes said the words
I couldn't speak
And they must have
Because your touch made my knees weak

You held me close to you
Something I'd deeply missed
And as I started to cry
You brushed away every tear with a kiss

Suddenly I was whole again
I could tell you felt the same
It made me wonder why we even bother
With this silly love game

Soon we're both smiling like idiots
And the twinkle is back in your eye
You gave me a kiss that told me
"Never again will I make you cry"

I grabbed my coat
And we left without a sound
Hand-in-hand you and I
Are back on the town

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