January 1, 2009
By AmazinqRaice SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
AmazinqRaice SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Dear Thomas,
Did you notice that this is a love letter?
I’m sorry, I’m rushing, it could definitely be better.
How is Ryan?
I just met this guy named Brian. LOL
How is Alisha?
My best friends name is Julisha. LOL
But, anyway,
I was just sendin’ some love
Too brighten up your day.
But I wanted you to know,
That you turned my heart to clay,
And, that you’re the only cure,
Oh, and are you totally sure,
That Alisha won’t be mad over this?
I don’t care, she can’t hurt me,
Because you already did.
Goodbye now,
You can look up at the,
Sky now
And I hope you think of me…….
Welp, this concludes my love letter
I’ll talk to you later……

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