scentse of spring

January 1, 2009
lying on the cool grass.
the scent of sprimg fills my nose.
my thoughts of spring and you,
racing in my head.
a gust blows by. bringing me the scent
of that of a red rose.
now, the only thing on my mind,
Is you.
my heart starts to beat fast,
my imagination getting the image of you
a smile comes across my face.
close my eye and
i reach out, as if to grab you.
but i just feel air.
the smile fades...
my hands drop to the ground.
a breeze of warm wind blows past
along a scent followed, a familliar scent
a kiss i feel upon on my lips.
I open my eyes. and see you there
the smiles come back,
and my heart begins to beat faster
a gust of wind blows by once again,
feeling my nose with
the scents of spring

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