January 1, 2009
By jeff reece, Topeka, KS

walking this lonely road.
faceing my nightmares head on, and my shadows.
trying to find a bit of light, as to show if there is some hope.
I wonder on into this cold night, trying to find that light
I hear you whispear,"I am here"
I turn and see nothing.
"I am here" I hear you say again.
I look around once more.
"Is this all in my head?" I say.
"I am here" you shouted.
I felt a warmth take hold of me.
and i saw you.
The nightmares, the shadows.
all began to fade.
i have found that light,
that i have been seeking,
But i know
the light that i have seeked.
will begin to fade.
"I love you" i whispear to the light.
"I love you too" she whispeared back.
this feeling i want it to last.
the light begins to fade,
She grabs ahold of me and says
"you must leave now.
"I know, but i want you to know.
I will always love you."

The author's comments:
I write what ever comes to mind. ccall me a free lance or waht ever but yeah heh.

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