Dedicated to Obession

December 31, 2008
A bottomless pool
an endless sea
without you
that's what my world would be
You never see me and I'm never heard
feeling invisible on the outside of your world

Whenever you walk by me
you send shivers down my spine
I crave every chance I talk to you
and wish that you were mine

It may seem like I'm a stalker
but I'll deny it isn't true
I really just can't help myself
I'm so hung up on you

You're in my stories
and my dreams
I write of no one else
I wish that I was in your world
instead of by myself

My praise it goes unnoticed
because of this detail
I'm never good enough for you
I feel like I always fail

I wish I could live up to you
that I was good enough
But I'll have to settle for admiring you
like a rare diamond in the rough

No matter what anyone says
there's nothing they can do
I'll never stop this lasting obsession
I'm so hung up on you

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Jenna Bower said...
Jan. 9, 2009 at 7:40 pm
I really like this. I feel the same sometimes. It'll get better though. ;]
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