Once upon a Time

December 31, 2008
By Jessica Traphagan, Yuma, CO

I feel so lost at sea
not knowing where to go
I need you to rescue me
I need my Romeo

I feel like Juliet
Forbidden and alone
Trapped in my mind's tower
I miss you when you're gone

Addicted to your presence
can't help but hear your voice
The longing trapped within me
was never my own choice

The moment that I saw you
it all felt like a dream
I felt that all my fears were gone
so it seemed to me

I was the scarlet letter
that kept you from the good
But we paid no attention
because no one understood

We would prove them wrong
we could show them all
as long as we're together
we will never fall

Even with miles between us
I'll never let you go
You'll still be here to rescue me
my only Romeo

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