A Subtle Night

December 31, 2008
By sammuel mercouriou, Suffield, CT

My hand in yours, a fire glowing,
The embers soft light upon your skin showing,
The soft details upon your face,
That cause me to pull you closer in my embrace,
My lips do brush against your neck,
A soft blush catching my eyes as I check,
The approval deep within your eyes,
Letting me continue to enjoy my prize,
My night with you, finally at ease,
My victory told, your love been seized,
And still I’m cautious, drawn to your desires,
Wanting only to see what transpires,
What happens when we both let our emotions go,
And see our feelings shift to and fro,
As the sun dips down the sky,
And the moon rises high,
Our lips do meet, our arms do wrap,
Our eyes do close, our happiness uncaps,
We lean in close for better heat,
And soon the fires within our chest cannot be beat.
Whatever you want, I promise you,
Whatever comfort will hold us true.
A subtle Night… A ferocious love.

The author's comments:
I am a student who loves to write, though usually I write more stories than poems. I enjoy the mythological and fantasies of the world rather than the horrific truths that humans are terrible.

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