On the Edge

December 31, 2008
I stand on the edge,
Neither looking up nor looking down,
But straight ahead,
Wind blurring my vision,
Head spinning,
Thoughts awry.

Somehow I know I have two paths to choose from,
I may stay on this edge,
Never moving ever standing,
Or I can jump,
Free fall to the safety net below me,
That somehow seems to be un-safe.

Should I chose risk and take the jump,
Or stay and watch and wait for my visitor to come to me?
Should I dive into dreams uncertain,
Or stay where the answers stare me in the face?

Through fog filled minds I feel your presence.
I can tell you will be there If I decide to take the leap.
You will be there at the bottom, I know it, the truth is here,
So I take my risk,
And fall…

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