Magic On Ice

December 31, 2008
By Jordan Louden, Zionsville, IN

Stretch; loosen up the muscles inside you
Jump; get the adrenaline running throughout you
She ties her skates tight
She puts her guards onto the blades of her skates
She bends her knees to loosen up
The door opens to the world of cold
Her paradise at ease
She steps onto the ice
A crisp noise is made
Hear the edges in the ice
If you listen closely, you can hear music made
The shortness of the first push
The longness of the second push
Swish, she passes you
You can feel all the power she is using
She stops
She gets into position for her program
The music starts
She quickly starts moving
She looks like she is dancing around
Light on air
She flies into the air
One, two, three times around
Swoosh; she lands her jump
Her friends cheer
She leans back and puts her hands in the air
How graceful she looks
She jumps again going into a sit spin
She is so low it looks like she can touch the ice with her hand
She rises up and puts her leg bent behind her
She leans back so far her hair will touch the ice
The music gets faster
She starts her footwork
Her feet look like they are on fire
They are moving so fast
One more spin and jump and she is done
She is so tired but she won't stop
Spinning in the air, she does a triple loop
Her last spin now
She breaks in the upper body and lets her hand touch down
One leg goes up and then she comes up
She does this two more times
She stops
Ending pose
But don't think that this is the end
Two laps around the rink
Keep the blood moving
She does slower things now trying to catch her breath
She will do her program two more times later
For now she will practice jumps, spins, footwork, and more
Maybe talk to some friends a little bit
This is one day in the life of a figure skater

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