Nighttime Escape

December 31, 2008
Finally now comes the cool of the night
Finally the end of the perilous light
Many say this time of day is the very root of fear
But as for me I find myself elated when darkness comes near
I Listen to the crickets song and I just want to sing along
This time of day when the stars are out nothing can go wrong
Finally the pressure of the morning is gone and I am free
Now is the time I am at peace with the world I can truly see
I am alone to ponder the day that will soon be here
I enjoy the beautiful quiet as the morning draws near
The moon is glowing its soft dulcet shine
The stars appear and fall into line
The night wolf bays at the fading moon
For he knows it must all end so soon
I already see the rising sun
But it seemed as though things just begun
The trees whisper as the morn fast approaches
The sun overthrows the night it encroaches
The piercing light sheds the beauty of the lands true shape
The day has come destroying the peace of my nighttime escape

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