Neglected Love

January 1, 2009
By MARTINEZ BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
MARTINEZ BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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now when i sit and think
all my problems go away
simply because now i think only of what's most important,
what makes me overlook even the most simple facts of life
and doese not leave room enough for me to worry about anything but you,
and only you...

i think of you more often
with every second past,
i see that your the answer
that which i've found at last,
the remedy to my illness
this lovesick is my burden
and a burden i bear proudly
so long as its for you,
i dont oppose when you neglect me
for theres nothing i can do,
it takes one to love,
but two to love
the love i have for you,
dont worry when im hurt
it takes time to die so slow,
let me tel you that i love you,
i haven't asked for nothing more,
just remember that im here
and that ill give so much to have
from you the love yove got from me,
the love i want so bad.

The author's comments:
girls, girls, we just cant get enough no's before we realize that its pointless, even though i never trully got a no from her at any point in our non-official friend-lationship, it wasnt going anywhere.
i went to the love doctor the other day and was soon after diagnosed with a very strong emotional attatchment, a hard thing to get rid of, he said, so i decided to get rid of it; of course, it hasnt been so easy with a broken heart and all, but ive sent her these poems and many more, what they do for her i may never know, but its my medicine, a couple doses when on the downside, and you dont even need water!!!

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