I Won't Wake

December 24, 2008
By cambakahhfdbsf BRONZE, Westminster, Massachusetts
cambakahhfdbsf BRONZE, Westminster, Massachusetts
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The door is locked again.
It seems like every time I make things right, my walls come crashing in.
I stare up into the sky, as the rain falls over my barely coniscous state.
I reach into my pocket, feeling around for some sign of hope. My fingers roll over an object, an object I didn't notice before.
I pulled it out.
It was metal, and it had engravings on it which said: "No one was meant to suffer."
If that were true then life would be just a fabrication of what we've always hoped.
I stuffed it back and in and started walking around my house.
The snow was wet; it would soon be ice, if the temperature stayed as cold as it was.
I saw a scarf laying next to the tree. The tree I spent most of my childhood playing in.
I walked over to it, with my hands in my pockets. My breath was visible. I could feel the saliva almost turn into ice as it hit the air on the tip of my tongue. The air was slicing down my throat, trying to test me, as if it knew what kind of day I was having.
I knelt down to try and pick up the scarf, but it was now under atleast an inch of ice.
Now that i saw it up close, I recognized it. I lost this scarf when i was younger, about 5 or 6 years old.
It's been atleast a decade.
I looked up at the tree.
It loomed over me, the branches swaying over my head.
Then everything went dark.
I stumbled around the pitch black, hoping I'd find light before my demons got ahold of me.
A flash of light.
I saw a glimpse of the tree, as it began to fall over.
I closed my eyes. Tensing up...
Nothing happened.
I opened my eyes, and it was summer.
The tree was in place.
The temperature was cool and calm, about 70 degrees, with a nice breeze blowing over.
I saw my family through the living room window.
Everyone was smiling.
I walked towards the house.
Tears swelling up.
They looked down at me, with feelings of longing.
The front door opened.
My mother and father stood in the doorway.
I ran to them, and opened my arms to hold them, to tell them I was home.
But they disappeared as I reached for them
I heard a car door close.
I looked towards the driveway.
My parents car.
The engine started, and the began to reverse. The bags we in the back, all piled up.
I ran towards the car.
"Wait!" I screamed.
but they already pulled out of the driveway.
I reached into my pocket.
I pulled out the metal object.
I threw it at the car, but everything changed around me again.
It was fall. The leaves were on the ground.
An ambulances lights were flashing. There was a stretcher and a bodybag. A person lay inside.
The EMTs stood around.
One of them lifting the stretcher into the back.

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