My Luna

December 23, 2008
By Kayla McGeary, Allison Park, PA

I ran too much and I had that sickening,
Metallic bile rising up my throat and
Breathing was hard. Then she grabbed my eyes toward her.
She was soft from here, just above the horizon.
She was orange tonight, a velvety peach
I wanted to caress and hold. I longed to
Reach out and run my knuckle along her
Brow line, and cup her cheek in my hand and feel
The chill of her soft breath on my face. I envy
Her passive expression as she glides around
The world. Never stopping to ponder at the
Humans who wonder about her existence.
I stared at her, as the night blackened and closed
Around Me. My Luna, she was all I saw.
She drew me to her like a moth to a street
Light. I wanted to feel her apathy, the
Frigid way she regarded us on earth.
Not caring, about anything or anyone
But her own path through the blackness.
The bliss on her cold face made me shiver with jealousy.

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