Girls Like Us

January 3, 2009
Girls like us used to laugh and play
not a care in the world today the only day
Girls like us used to swing to get high
and in our minds the only limit was the sky
Girls like us believed in a beautiful lie
where love conquered all, the perfect life
And as the beauty of our innocence fades
we face an existence laden with pain
Our eyes start to dull, no mischevious gleam
the world has less color, or so it would seem
We desperately want someone to need us
hoping naively its love this time, not lust
Our outlook grows darker, futures seem bleak
we no longer feel special, gave up on unique
We fight for survival tamed by reality
morosely we embrace our mortality
See girls like us now have bills to pay
mouths that need feeding no time to play
And try as hard as we will, we can no longer be
like children so innocent, so happy, so free

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