Death on a Cold Day

January 2, 2009
A darkened curtain, betwixt the mind's eye
And capable hands, idle by time's side.
Lips of lust that suck away life, ask why
Death be so cruelest to take him a bride.
Black widow spins her poison--sil'vry webs
Engulfing her prey, stealing lives of dead.
Seduction of slime that from her voice ebbs
Will master blind pain, numbing patient's dread.
Death on a cold day takes the hand to play
A game of blood that brew from human skin.
Man's hand 'gainst man's hand, with time flesh turned grey.
A dip of pride, man's deadly grip on sin.
Death's gentle battlegrounds, a resting place
When comes the time, man stares him in death's face.

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