That Ship has Sailed

January 2, 2009
By Chris Montgomery, Mason, OH

Why is that when she looks at me I am barely there.
Some may say that I am too good for her.
Or others still try to comfortingly touch my arm and claim oh she is the one losing out on the great person.
But has anyone considered that maybe just maybe I am the common theme here? That I am always the failing part in the relationship.
I pull the plug out of the bottom of the boat in the harbor… its just doomed to be nothing and yet I still set sail….
The wind picks up the sail as I set sail on the doomed passage, only to hear that alluring call, that oh so sweet song of the sirens. Calling me to my impending doom.
But maybe somewhere out there …there is one person to stop and take time to play that sweeter song …maybe just maybe

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