December 26, 2008
By Susan Green, Delmont, NJ

I woke up this morning
Unwilling as ever
I didn’t want to go to school
Not now, not ever
But I heard your voice in the back of my head
And something told me to get out of bed
I did my routine
Clothes, hair, make-up, gone
I gave Mom-mom a kiss
She didn’t know I’d be gone so long
I went to school but didn’t come home
I decided to walk, cold and alone
Until I didn’t know quite where I was
And night was falling fast from above
Missed calls and voice mails on my cell phone
All worried calls telling me to come home
I didn’t want to though, I didn’t know why
But for some odd reason, I just wanted to die
Something lead me straight to your house
You knew I was coming, I didn’t know how
You hurried out and told me to come in
I heard someone say they were frightened by the color of my skin
How long was I wondering?
Long enough for you to have to thaw me?
I was wrapped up in blankets and your hug
It felt like I had been given some sort of drug
The room was spinning, your words were merged
My head, it hurt, my vision was blurred
I started to slip away and your grip got tighter
I drifted away until the day got lighter
When I next awoke it was easy to see
Easy to see that you had saved me
I woke up in your arms
I felt safe from all harm
The first words I heard with I knew I wasn’t meant to die
The words, I knew them, they were no lie
You said, “Good morning baby girl,” I said it too
Then you kissed me and said, “I love you”

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This article has 1 comment.

mang9believe said...
on Jan. 8 2009 at 4:17 am
You write significantly. I like it very much, its very pretty and real....its normal, but unique...your a really good writer, no matter what any critic would say...its real, very real..


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