Crocodile Tears

December 26, 2008
By Allison Stucky, Avondale, AZ

Tiny droplets of fire running down your porcelain skin
Intricate desire running deep within
To taste the savory temptation that would be sin
Hungry, thirsting mouths, gaping awaiting your descend into the Lions Den

I smell the ever so faint scent of misery
Deep into the ocean I look in your eyes full of mystery
This place like a carousel turning full of color like a magnificent tapestry
My mind shrouded from the demise unforeseen, this has been my destiny since the turn of the century
The heavens fall like shattered glass, My eyes bleeding
The wrath in my heart no longer receding

Your droplets continue will they ever Diminish
Your display at best is pitiful, they burn my eyes I wish you would finish.
The eyes watch with thirst, I feel sweat run down my face,
Though you look mournful, you think what a disgrace
I feel scornful, Am I supposed to feel sorrow?
For there will be no tomorrow?

Your act is despicable, you lay your head down on the table
I've done nothing to deserve this, everything thrown at me was easy to resist
Everything laying at my feet, all my fears
The droplets stop, I no longer have to watch your crocodile tears.

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