Unseen Wonders

December 26, 2008
There are roads I haven't driven on
And bridges I haven't passed
The truth is I can't drive yet
And my bike doesn't go too fast.
There are buildings I haven't seen yet
And mountains with no names
I don't believe what people say
How all of them just look the same.
There are faces I haven't spoken with
And voices I haven't heard
But what am I supposed to say
To the ones who don't say a word.
There are cities I haven't stayed in
And sidewalks I haven't walked
The hardest part of leaving home
Is remembering to turn the lock.
There are subways I have no tokens for
And cabs that I can't make fare
I don't take the bus, 'cause when I do
I can feel how people stare.
I've been a part of a lot of things
But I know how to be alone
I'm fine with myself, either way
As long as I know where to go.
I have a lot left to see
I have a lot of places to go
My biggest dream I'd have to say
Is singing at a show.
Thes road goes ever forward
The travel is very long
We walk along a dusty road
That's never been travelled on.

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cv said...
Jan. 8, 2009 at 2:48 am
i think this one is my favourite. its really good. (:
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