In Bed

December 26, 2008
By Christina Barker, Niagara Falls, ZZ

I wish that I could stay in bed
I'd never have to face the day
I wouldn't have to face the crowds
Of loners and stoners, preppies and groaners.

No face to match the names
That I hear everyday
Being yelled down the halls
and whispered behind backs
No names to match the faces
of the girls and boys who sit at 'that' table
No need to feel guilty
When one of them is whispered about
'cause they used to be your friend
And you used to make snowmen
with the whisperer too.

But now you're just a name or a face
And hopefully a memory
'cause nothing's worse than being
forgotten and remembering yourself
No one to yell your name
'Cause you're not part of that scene.
The show-offs and cast-offs, the newbies and legacies
All come in a revolving door called high school
And leave another called life
But when your caught up in that first one
You can't make yourself care
About the bigger things because
they seem little and much too far away
So I walk down the halls
With my head up just enough
To say I'm Someone, but not enough
to show-off.
I walk into class with a smile on my face
Because they'll know something's up
If there was a frown in its place.
I let the guy beside me
Look off my finished homework
'Cause I had nothing better to do
And he did his 'on-again' girlfriend.
I join the right clubs and try out for some teams
Just so that they know, I'm a good guy,
Let me be.
I do all these things
To protect myself
and make sure I'll be okay.
I do all of this
To ensure that there is
no whispering in the halls about me.
This act is hard to keep up with
Every John and Jane knows it's true
I'd rather be a loner or stoner
and not have to finish this scene.
Every day is long and boring
But you have to stay on your toes
Just in case they see the real you
'Cause then you're shark bait for sure.
I don't want to go to school today
I'd rather stay in bed.

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