December 25, 2008
wanting to start fresh
to leave her troubles behind her
she transforms herself, making you believe she's some one else
some one whoe she's not
ever the chamillion, its all just a lie
but she just wants things to be different
she fakes that smile, hoping no one will see
no one will notice that she struggles to keep up with them
they who are the center of it all
who get the attention
who get their heart's desire, who seem happy
more than content, joyous even
but now she sees
she isn't the liar
they fake their smiles, politician-esqu
trying to convince you they can bring change and fix problems but
running your life into the ground
is all they can accomplish
they're the ones who need change
who need to stop living a lie
but then it hits, realization
she understands
"this is me"

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