December 25, 2008
By jose contreras, Taylor Tx., TX

Some how I knew I would leave you in the beginning of our realationship.

How you would at me with such a face that I couldn't forget. so please except this letter saying.....

I know we wouldn't last forever, how i look back at the past we would laugh and say thing's like we would last. we would laugh about thing's like the past and cry at the same time.

But now I see the true side of you when you would go out with your friends you would be a different person and behind the door you just weren't the same.

So next time you try to come back to me just rember that i still love you.
But think twice because next time the tables will turn on you.
And this time you will be the one getting hurt.

The author's comments:
these piece is about things that happen to me and to other people that i know.

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