December 25, 2008
By Emily Cutler, Hoover, AL

It's two in the morning
and we're not asleep
you said let's stay up
for the sunrise and I
laughed and said it'd be
fine. I'm in your sweatpants,
You're in my house
And our laughter is
The background music
Playing along. Singing
Random lyrics we could
March around in circles
Eating those chocolate
Sticks and joke about
Things we'd only know.
Random metaphors and we're on
The floor crying from the
Pain of laughter--you and
Me, we're masochists.
Good luck charm or maybe
You've got a superpower--
Who knows and does
It matter? See it's two
In the morning and somehow
I'm less heartbroken but
All you know is that you
Saved my life. Looking at
The sunrise I could ask you
The meaning of unconditional
Love or make a wish on a
Star that you were my sister
And wouldn't leave but you'd
Be opposed to the mystery--
Why not be simple and separate
Wrong from right?
Two in the morning
I could ask you what you're
Waiting for but you'd laugh
And say you're watching
The sunrise.

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