From your Juliet

December 24, 2008
By Jamie Sawczyszyn, Canisteo, NY

This is from your Juliet.
From your promise by the sea
And your sacred memories
That you swore would never die.

This is from your Beautiful Tragedy
hearing echoes in the night
Out of mind, then out of sight.
Without a word, you were gone.

This is from your Endless Love
That betrayed you in the end.
That caused you to descend
six feet under.

This is from a girl standing over your grave
with tears running down her face.
Her mouth wide open screaming your name
All she can taste is guilt and decay

This is from your Juliet.
Whose heart belongs to another
and amity is all she could offer.
It wasn't enough...

This is goodbye from your Juliet.

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