Going, Pausing, Gone

December 24, 2008
By Sandy Huang SILVER, Vancouver, Other
Sandy Huang SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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No matter where I planned to go,
I would always find myself back at point zero,
With no record of achievement,
No amount of self-growth,
And absolutely no experience gained.

I was naïve,
Intentionally surrounding myself in a blanket of false security,
of sluggish delight and ephemeral happiness,
Fear and excuses were my companions,
leading me around in infinite circles,
going from nowhere to nowhere.
I foolishly shut my eyes to every possibility,
too frightened to step into foreign land,
and all the while, the daunting world was waiting for me
to step outside my boundaries
and live.
But soon I became tired of
tripping, stumbling, and falling over life
with my awkward two left feet
while everyone else was
flying triumphantly above me
with their heads help up high
and their trepidations nowhere in sight.

I asked my head for advice but
it told me what I had known all along,
“You’ll never succeed.
Everyone else is better than you’ll ever be.”
Then I talked to my heart and
it dared me to fly.
I could feel my conscience fervently agreeing,
screaming at me to tear down my walls,
to embrace sophistication.
It whispered, “Just get out there and explore. Just go.”
So I took off.

Today I have a million goals still left to achieve,
And a million dreams still left to dream,
Today I’ll make it happen.
Tomorrow I’ll still believe.

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