Missing You

December 24, 2008
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The shimmering stars sing me a lullaby
But even a lullaby isn’t enough to console me now
Tissues and anguish are splayed all over my house
And my tears make puddles on the hardwood floor.
If you could only see how far we’ve fallen
from the top of the world, invincible, indomitable
But now you’ve left me vulnerable, crying for you,
cowering in fear like a submissive nobody.
Just six minutes before,
You were reaching for your shoes, your jacket
and I tried to reach for the remnants of your heart,
the place I called home for the last few months
is now in chained shackles, locking me out forever.
I knew I couldn’t make you love me again, that much I understood,
so I let you hurl your toxic accusations at me
Bullet after lethal bullet, I took it all.
The palpable tension, the fury in your voice, the wild beating of my heart
I’ll never forget the scene.
Gazing out the window,
I witness the night engulfing you as you take the final steps out of my life,
Now I’m thinking we’re back to where we started,
And this is everything you promised me wouldn’t happen,
Overlooking my idiosyncrasies was hitherto your specialty.
Now every tear is an aching reminder of how my obstinate heart just can’t let you go
No matter how I look at it,
I can’t deny myself the belief that maybe you deserve better,
And maybe I deserve to be left behind.
Just so you know, you were my answered prayer,
my one last chance
You can toss me away like a used napkin,
But I will always linger in my memories of you.

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. said...
Oct. 4, 2009 at 10:41 pm
This is wonderfull written, beatiful diction. I love it! I can feel whats happening.
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