I, You

December 24, 2008
By Kim Salonga, Misso281uri City, TX

I wait silently for my turn.
You stand there, the sun a burn.
I tap my foot.
Your friend gives me a look.
My friend glares back.
You give him a tap, telling him to stop.
I glance up, worrying that I might do a belly flop.
You meet my gaze and then look away.
I watched the water sway.
You climb up the board.
I silently pray, "Please let him win, Lord."
You get ready to dive and you take one more glance at me.
I stay still, my friend asking, "Who's he?"
You dive off at the sound of the bell.
I stood up while my towel fell.
You flipturned and saw me cheering.
I was jumping up and down, screaming.
You swam faster, water rising.
I stand there, realizing.
You touch the wall, looking up at the screen.
I watched as Coach ran up, "You scored for the team!"
You were pulled out of the pool.
I climbed up, feeling like a fool.
You stayed and watched, wondering who I am.
I clenched my hand.
You couldn't stay, your mom calling.
I swear my heart was falling.
You leave.
I breathe.
--------------------------------------You see me smiling at first place.
I scan the crowd, looking for your face.
You weren't there anymore.
I feel like I will be meeting you again, and with that, my heart will soar.

The author's comments:
I am a swimmer, and I wish that this happened. But I submitted this on another site, Quizilla, and it became quite popular so, I decided to post it here on Teen Ink too. Please enjoy.

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